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2012 financial survey of China Supply Chain Management showed that: 90% of enterprises in China lacked of supply chain management professionals, 72% of them didn’t even set up a supply chain department, and the Chinese industries and enterprises are facing a serious shortage of supply chain management people for their upgrading and development.

At present, global enterprises are competing on supply chain. Global economic integration requires a supply chain management system from global procurement of raw materials to manufactory, and then to distribution. In 2012, Apple Corp. ranked as the 5th among the top 25 best supply chain management enterprises, but most of their Chinese suppliers are still in the beginning edge of supply chain management. Lacking of talents in supply chain management area impedes Chinese enterprises from establishing a leading position in the worldwide competition. That’s why supply chain management has become a popular course in China like in the Central European International Business School, Yangtze River Business School and others.

ASCMS, Allied Supply Chain Management Solutions, Inc. introduced the CPIM program-the APICS body of knowledge of supply chain into China in 2005 and has trained thousands of talents up to now. At the same time, in order to develop the advanced supply chain management concepts for local talents, ASCMS designed the qualification certification of supply chain management in Chinese.


★ With updated supply chain concepts and knowledge which are essential to commence the professional career, and may also pave the way for CPIM certification.
★ A solid, well experienced instructors’ team, which has proven teaching skills, senior professional experience and active presence in the professional field.
★ Teaching in Mandarin plus Chinese teaching material, which make it easy to understand, thus establish the foundation for supply chain development.
★ 12 training sessions in total, 6 days of training + 0.5 day’s certification exam.
★ Limited number of participants, which is advantageous for interaction, and exchange of ideas and real world case study.
★ Learning by practices can help enterprise to find continuous improvement opportunities.

Certification exam - 3 hours

★ 75 questioners of multiple choices (2 marks per question, 150 marks totally,100 marks to pass ).
★ Additional 10 marks- give your personal suggestions of improvements for your company with more than 300 words in documentation.


The program is specially created for debutants in supply chain or related field, for those who want to have career development in supply chain operations area.

★ In enterprise, functions like: production management, materials management, inventory control, warehousing, logistics, purchasing, industry engineering, supply chain management, operations management, quality, and customer services.
★ In ERP, SCM related consulting, software development or implementation.