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ASCMS, Allied Supply Chain Management Solutions, Inc. introduced the CPIM certification program of APICS into China in 2005 and since then we are dedicated to promote APICS body of knowledge in China and has educated many world-class supply chain management professionals for multinational companies like BASF, DUPONT, PHILIPS, GE,DELPHI, EMERSON etc. Nowadays, companies no longer compete, supply chains do. Many believe that it is essential to foster an elite team which is equipped with updated supply chain management knowledge and good execution strength. To serve this end, ASCMS developed this set of basic courses – 101 series in Supply Chain Management aiming at the debutants in supply chain field to help companies to enhance competitiveness at all levels.


★ With updated supply chain concepts and knowledge which is essential to commence the professional career, and may also pave the way for the CPIM certification. 
★ A solid, well experienced instructor team, which has proven teaching skills, senior professional experience and active presences in the professional field. 
★ Courses are delivered in Mandarin, easy to understand. 
★ Flexible schedules, total 10 sessions and each session takes 1 day / 8 hours, you may choose whatever you are interested from the 10 sessions. 
★ Limited number of participants which is advantageous for interaction and exchange of ideas and real world case study. 
★ ASCMS will refer those outstanding candidates to the open positions.


This series courses are specially created for debutants in supply chain or related field: 
★ In manufacturing, production management, materials management, inventory control, warehousing, logistics, purchasing, industry engineering, supply chain management, operations management, quality, and customer services. 
★ In ERP, SCM related consulting, software development or implementation.


1day / 8 hours