Hypothesis Testing

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The Hypothesis Testing is a method of making statistical decisions using experimental data. It is sometimes called confirmatory data analysis. One use of Hypothesis Testing is deciding whether experimental results contain enough information to cast doubt on conventional wisdom. It is important component in quality assurance system. The course will state the mechanics and application of the method.


★ Understand the concept of Hypothesis Testing
★ Be familiar with the tools and steps of Hypothesis Testing
★ Learn the application of Hypothesis Testing


★Basic of Hypothesis Testing
★Analysis approach of Hypothesis Testing
★Hypothesis Testing to concatenated / dispersed data
★How to control the errors in Hypothesis Testing
★Case study and practice


★Production manager
★QA manager
★QA engineer
★Design engineer
★Manufacturing engineer
★Persons involving in the process standardization and continuous improvement
★Persons involving in the statistical management process


1 day / 8 hours