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Exam Registration

Since 2014, CPIM & CSCP PP (Pencil & Paper) test will be replaced by CBT (Computer based test).Detailed registration process are as following:
ASCMS will provide APICS Exam registration service free of charge; you may contact us for it and below procedures will be done by ASCMS on behalf of you to make it easier, faster! Please contact cpim@ascms.com 

Step 1. Buy Exam Credit for CPIM/CSCP exams registration and scheduling

Examinees need to buy Exam Credit to register APICS exams. Please pay to ASCMS bank account and then send your payment slip together with your information like APICS ID, NAME, TELEPHONE, EMAIL ADDRESS, and your desired exam start date ( the exam credit is valid for six months) to cpim@ascms.com or fax to 021-32093905. ASCMS will process your request after the above information is complete. You will receive the feedback from ASCMS within 1 working day.

You can also submit on line:

1. Submitting on line:If you haven’t APICS ID, pls register on www.apics.org or contact ASCMS to do on behalf of you.
2. Submitting on line:Joining APICS E-member is optional. Within validity of your e-membership, if you buy CPIM/CSCP exam credit or reference books via ASCMS, you will enjoy the APICS membership preferential price.
3. Please apply for CSCP Eligibility at the website: www.apics.org before you register for CSCP exam. After you get approval email from APICS, you may begin to register for CSCP exam.

2015 Exam Fee

 APICS Exam  Price/RMB
 CPIM(Part 1)  APICS Plus Member  ¥3300
 Non- APICS Member  ¥4800
 CPIM(Part 2)  APICS Plus Member  ¥3300
 Non- APICS Member  ¥4800
 CSCP  APICS Plus Member  ¥6,600
 Non- APICS Member  ¥8,400
 CSCP Retake  ¥3,300
 CLTD  APICS Plus Member  ¥3,600
 Non- APICS Member  ¥4,200
 APICS-E-Member  One year  ¥1,450

Bank account:

 帐户名称:上海联韬企业管理咨询有限公司  帐户名称:深圳市联韬企业管理咨询有限公司
 开户行名称:中国工商银行 上海分行建国西路支行  开户行名称:中国工商银行 深圳南岭支行
 帐号:1001 2207 0900 4694 210  帐号:4000 0318 0920 0141 666
 Attention:Please send the bank slip to cpim@ascms.com or fax to 021-32093905
Taobao Shop:http://shop108084613.taobao.com

Step2. Obtain APICS ID (If you have already an activated APICS ID, go to the next step.)

Every examinee must have an APICS ID before exam registration. You may go to www.apics.org and click REGISTER to register and get your APICS ID.

1. Exam examinee must use the sole APICS ID for all APICS certification exams and APICS activities.
2. The registered name must be in consistence with the name in your personal identity documents (I.D. or passport), and the email address used to register APICS ID must be the same as the one to schedule your CBT exams.
3. If you have already attended previous APICS exams, you should already have an APICS ID, but you may need to activate it via cpim@ascms.com.

Step 3. Apply for APICS e-membership (It is optional)

There are membership prices and non-membership prices for APICS CPIM/CSCP exams and some reference books. If you are APICS’s e-member, you may enjoy the membership price within the validity. Clique APICS E-Membership to apply for e-membership. Or you may apply for it via ASCMS (invoice provided). Details as per APICS E-Membership.

Step 4. Exam Registration

1. Open www.apics.org, Login yourself then Clique – My APICS

2. Check your Personal Information & Contact Information to make sure it is correct.

3.The registered name must be in consistence with the name in your personal identity documents (I.D. or passport).If not,pls contact cpim@ascms.com 
4. Now if you plan to schedule the exam site and time at once after the exam registration,pls do the operation according to Registration and Scheduling the exam. If you want to schedule later, pls see Step 5.
5. After you finish above, you will receive 2 emails from APICS within 2 working days:
Email 1:We have received your request for an APICS certification exam authorization to test

Email 2:Authorization to Test for APICS Exam. 


1. The exam credit is valid for 6 months.The exam registration should be done within its validlity.

2. On the payment page,we suggest you choose to share your info with the third party so that we can offer more serivce for you.

Step 5. Schedule exam site and time in APICS CBT exam provider website

You have finished the exam registrtaion, but plan to schedule the exam site and time later,pls do the operation according to Scheduling the exam site and time.