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The SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) endorsement establishes a global standard of excellence for applying SCOR. The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model is widely recognized as the global standard for supply chain management. The SCOR model enables users to address, improve and communicate supply chain management practices.

APICS SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) endorsement demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of SCOR and the ability to apply the model’s techniques to measure, manage and improve supply chain performance. The SCOR-P endorsement indicates that an individual possesses sought-after supply chain management

For organizations, the SCOR-P endorsement provides a practical method for assessing the skills and competencies of supply chain professionals. It also establishes benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of SCOR training. Building an in-house pool of endorsed SCOR Professionals can help a company, government agency, or nonprofit organization apply the SCOR model toaccelerate supply chain transformation and dramatically increase business performance.

The APICS SCOR–P endorsement demonstrates an individual’s ability to apply the SCOR model to:

★Establish benchmarks for evaluating supply chain effectiveness
★Measure and manage a global supply chain
★Dramatically increase supply chain performance

Course Frame

During the three–day, instructor–led interactive SCOR Professional training session, participants can expect group discussion and individual exercises to encourage active learning. Participants learn about SCOR process nomenclature, process metrics, and process practices in a systematic manner to enable mastery of:

Supply chain processes – Supply chains are described using the standard SCOR processes (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and Enable). Process training delves into each component. Process education also addresses process modeling.

Supply chain performance metrics – SCOR metrics describe and address reliability, responsiveness, agility, cost and asset efficiency. The application of metrics and supply chain benchmarking is discussed.

Supply chain practices – Process maturity is examined and class participants are trained on how to asses supply chain activities and apply best practices.

Supply chain people Skills –The SCOR model offers insight on organizational design and the people skills and competencies required for successful supply chain operation.


★ Training materials are in English, instruction language is flexible in English or Chinese.
★ Instructor with rich and diverse professional experience, sophisticated instruction skill, full range of knowledge, both global and local working background.
★ In addition to learning about the SCOR model and its application, the class will investigate a SCOR project case study.
★ Small-size class, facilitate the discussion and case study.
★ Training program is systematic and integrated. Course last for 3 days (24 hours)
★ Participants receive a copy of the SCOR model, a SCOR Quick Reference Guide and a SCOR Professional Training Participant Workbook.
★ The curriculum of training class align with the scope of SCOR-P ENDORSEMENT exam.

APICS SCOR–P education is essential if you are involved in:

Production management, Operations, Supply chain management, Procurement, Materials management, Inventory management

Endorsement Exam

Schedule the Exam – Completion of a SCOR-P training course is recommended but not required prior to taking the SCOR–P exam. However, candidates must purchase the SCOR Professional training course to receive an exam voucher. Candidates are also provided with information on how to contact the testing agency to schedule the exam.

Take the Exam – Exams are administered via computer-based testing and offered through a network of test centers. There are60 questions and 50 questions are scored. Candidates will have two hours to complete the exam.

Receive Exam Results – Candidates receive their results immediately upon completion of the exam. In addition, candidates receive results via email within one business day following exam completion. Results are confidential. Those who pass the exam receive a “PASS” notice and instructions for downloading their SCOR-P endorsement certificate.

Verification that an individual holds the SCOR-P endorsementis available online at