Problem Solving and Decision Making

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By learning of Dr. Charles H. Kempner’s PSDM (Problem Solving and Decision Making) techniques, the class will build the systemic method of thinking and improve group facilitation skills. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively solve problems and make decisions.


★Set the positive attitude when facing problems, to solve the problem and make decision rationally under pressure and in urgency
★Build up common management language to facilitate communication and cooperation effectively
★On top of the methodology of data collecting, prioritizing, structuring, analyzing and validating
★Enhance think logic, inspire original initiatives among the group
★Better prioritize the problems, increase the certainty of the solutions
★Improve the capability of risk management, to avoid potential issues, be good at taking opportunity


★Current status understanding and problem identification
★Logical thinking map
★Problem analysis and action plan establishment
★Decision making process and risk analysis
★Problem solving and decision making tools


Leader and manager


2 days / 16 hours