7 Key Quality Control Tools

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This course can provide the basic methods for quality problem-solving and process control for professionals working in manufacturing and service area. The trainees will learn the scope and techniques of application of each tool,therefore they may perform quality control and performance
measurement with the unified internal language.


★Learn how to apply the 7 quality control tools in working place
★Understand that the problem-solving is based on team work, data and facts
★Master the tools and techniques of problem-solving
★Develop the capability of data analysis and decision making


★T1: Histogram
★T2: Cause and Effect Diagram
★T3: Checklist
★T4: Pareto
★T5: Flow Chart
★T6: Scatter Diagram
★T7: Statistic Process Contro


★Professionals in quality function
★Professionals in manufactory management
★Professionals in R&D


2 days / 16 hours