Statistical Process Control

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an effective method of monitoring and analyzing the variation in processes through the use of statistical techniques. All special causes of variability are distinguished from common random occurrences and are eliminated. Products can then be manufactured consistently with high quality. This course not only emphasizes the tools and techniques of SPC - it also provides training in the problem-solving methods and teamwork needed to utilize these tools effectively.


★Understand the statistical concepts underpinning SPC
★Learn different types of control charts, be able to use control charts in work place
★Be able to conduct process capability analysis and calculation
★Interpret the output of SPC effectively, make sound decisions on preventive activities and improve process


★Introduction of SPC concept and background
★SPC sampling
★Control charts and how they work
★Process capability analysis
★How SPC works for quality and cost improvement
★Apply SPC to Six Sigma


★Production manager
★QA manager
★QA engineer
★Design engineer
★Manufacturing engineer
★Persons involving in process standardization and continuous improvement
★Persons involving in the statistical management process


2 days / 16 hours