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Charter of CPIM/CSCP Chinese Club

Full name of this club is “CPIM/CSCP Chinese Club” (hereinafter referred to as “Club”).

The Club is a nonprofit academic body that abides by Chinese laws and regulations and holds on to scientific attitude, democratic atmosphere and open mechanism.

Purpose of the Club is to: with local conditions taken into consideration, propagate and promote APICS’s body of knowledge in Greater China Region so as to help Chinese enterprises improve the result and effectiveness in operating supply chain and at the same time facilitate the development of CPIM-centered academic exchanges in Greater China Region.

All citizens from Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Macao Special Administrative Region of China and Taiwan of China who have passed all of APICS-CPIM/CSCP’s exams and are CPIM/CSCP certified and whose application to the Club’s standing body has been approved are eligible to join the Club.

Organizations of the Club include: Members’ General Meeting and a Permanent Council.

Comprised of all members and as the highest authority of the Club, Members’ General Meeting has the right of ultimate decision for change of the Club’s Charter and scope as well as various subjects to be voted. The general meeting implements the voting mechanism of one-vote-for-one-member. Subjects not involving dissolution of the Club, expulsion of Club members or reelection of council members, should be approved by more than half of members attending the general meeting, while subjects involving dissolution of the Club shall be approved by more than two third of the attendees. Effective voting results from the general meeting have binding force upon all members of the Club.

Permanent Council is the executing body of and responsible for Members’ General Meeting. Functions of the permanent council include: as a standing body of the Club, coordinate the Club’s activities within the framework of the Club’s Charter, liaise with members, regularly update directory of Club members, release various resolutions from the general meeting. The general meeting authorizes the permanent council to handle application from the Club’s new members and at the same time the general meeting has the right to supervise and correct the council’s actions which violate the Club’s Charter. The permanent council’s composition and division of work are as follows:
Secretary-in-general of Permanent Council
Director for Activity Coordination of Permanent Council
Director for Membership and Communication of Permanent Council
3 Regional Chiefs of Permanent Council: Eastern China, Northern China, and Southern China
Members of the permanent council are elected at the general meeting by simple majority and the tenure is one year.

Procedures for members to join the Club are as follows: 
1. Submit written application to any member of the Club’s permanent council, promise to be informed of and willing to abide by the Club’s Charter, and fulfill all obligations of the Club.
2. The permanent council confirms in writing that application by the new member has been approved.
3. Director for Communication of Permanent Council communicates information about this new member to all members and at the same time updates the liaison book.

The Club implements a democratic and open mechanism and any member is entitled to join or quit the Club. Procedures for members to quit the Club are as follows: Submit quit notice to any member of the Club’s permanent council and the quit notice is not subject to approval; after a working report is submitted to Members’ General Meeting by this member and approved by more than half attendees to the general meeting, the quit will be permitted.
Procedures to expel members of the Club: members receiving criminal penalty as a result of violating Chinese laws will be automatically expelled. Members severely violating the Club’s Charter and jeopardizing lawful interests of the majority of the Club’s members will be expelled through approving votes by four fifth of attendees to the general meeting.

Convention systems for the Club’s general meeting: Members’ General Meeting shall be convened at least annually, which is at the responsibility of the permanent council.

Voting system for the Club’s general meeting: approving votes of more than one half, approving votes of more than two third and approving votes of more than four fifth.

Confidentiality obligation for the Club and its members: under no circumstance shall the Club and its members disclose business secrets of the companies where the members are employed, which they have learned during the Club’s activities; the Club and its members shall not disclose APICS ID information, personal contact telephone and E-mail information that have not been personally authorized and accurately used by members themselves unless approved by the members; otherwise, those in breach of confidentiality obligation and violating laws/regulations will be punished in accordance with relevant laws/regulations.

This Charter takes effect on the day when it is approved by two third of attendees to the Club’s general meeting. 

When the contents of the Club’s Charter conflict with relevant Chinese laws/regulations, the latter prevails.