Measurement System Analysis

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Measurement System Analysis (MSA)covers techniques for analyzing the variation within a measurement system, determining its suitability for use, and ways to improve measurement systems by using mathematical statistic and graphical methods. This course will introduce the methodology and application of MSA


★Understand the purpose and scope of Measurement System Analysis
★Recognize measurement system variations (including bias, linearity and stability) and gauge repeatability and reproducibility
★Learn methods of Measurement Systems Analysis
★Familiar with the chart, graph and statistic tools applied in Measurement Systems Analysis
★Use MSA in continuous Improvement


★Basics of measurement and data
★Statistic pattern of measurement system
★Types, definition and graph of measurement system variation
★The purpose, scope and terms of MSA
★The study of measurement system
★Continuous improvement of measurement system


★Production manager
★QA manager
★QA engineer
★Design engineer
★Manufacturing engineer
★Persons involving in the process standardization and continuous improvement
★Persons involving in the statistical management process


2 days / 16 hours