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APICS is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management and the premier provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence, innovation and resilience. APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designations set the industry standard. With over 37,000 members and 287 international partners, APICS is transforming the way people do business, drive growth and reach global customers. 
APICS offers a full range of education programs and materials, developed under the direction of management experts. Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS for its superior training, international wide certifications, comprehensive resources, and worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals. 
In 2005, based on our cooperation with APICS, ASCMS successfully introduced APICS certification programs into China with a strong instructor base, international management experience, and local manufacturing practice. It altered the status of no APICS exam in China. Previously, the candidates who wanted to obtain APICS designations had to go overseas, like US, Singapore and Korea etc, for exams.
There was a lack of the official education in supply chain management and operations management at that time. Before the end of 2003, there was only about 25 CPIM certified professionals among the high level managerial group, and CPIM means super recognition and skyscraping salary.
Along with the rapid growth of Chinese manufacturing, scarcity of well-educated professionals became more and more critical. Management evolution calls for scientific, systematic and technical knowledge. The managerial experience “learnt by doing” was challenged by fast-changing environment and strong competition. On the other side, professional certificates turn to be the hard attestation of competency in promotion and career development.
Driven by this strong demand, APICS certification programs have thrived in China. By providing education and exam service in 3 major cities of China: Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, ASCMS expends the channel of acquiring and CPIM / CSCP knowledge and certifications, which inspires the passion of the professional peers. In the past seven years, there are more than 10,000 attendances for APICS certification exams. More than 900 CPIM and more than 200 CSCP were certified in China.