Sales & Operation Planning: The How-To Handbook

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Book:Sales & Operation Planning: The How-To Handbook

Author: Thomas F. Wallace, Robert A. Stahl

Version: 2008

Sales & Operations Planning is a powerful business planning process that integrates Sales & Marketing, Operations, Product Development, and Finance.
Tom Wallace describes how it works and lays out a detailed project plan for making it happen. This valuable handbook covers all aspects of a successful implementation, from the composition of the Executive S&OP team to the nitty-gritty of S&OP spreadsheet design.
This handbook will show you:
·       How the Sales & Operations Planning process works
·       How S&OP enhances Supply Chain Management
·       How the monthly S&OP cycle takes place
·       How to get your implementation project off on the right foot
·       How to insure that you've got the right participants in each step of the monthly cycle
·       How to integrate financial planning and new products into your S&OP process
·       How to select your product families and subfamilies
·       How to set up your S&OP spreadsheets
·       How to link demand and supply via capacity planning
·       How to rate your S&OP process by using the Effectiveness Checklist
·       Behavioral Aspects of Implementation
·       Change Management and New Product Introduction
·       Highly Variable Supply
·       Risk Management
·       Software Selection Criteria
·       Fixing a Broken S&OP Process
·       Examples from Real World Companies