Master Scheduling in the 21st Century(Chinese)

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Book:Master Scheduling in the 21st Century(Chinese)

Author: Thomas F. Wallace, Robert A. Stahl

Version: 2003

This book accomplishes two important tasks.  First, it presents the fundamentals of Master Scheduling in a clear, concise, and complete manner.  It's simple and easy to understand.
Second, it explains the relationship between Master Scheduling and Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, and Efficient Customer Response.  It's contemporary and up-to-date.
Topics covered by Tom Wallace and Bob Stahl include:
·         Overview of Master Scheduling ?Where Does It Fit and What Does It Do?
·         Master Scheduling's role in Supply Chain Management.  How Lean Manufacturing supports Master Scheduling and Vice Versa.
·         Order Fulfillment Strategies  --Where Do You Meet the Customer?
·         The Logic of Master Scheduling --How It Works and Why.
·         The Demand Side --Forecast Consumption and Customer Order Promising.
·         The Supply Side --Capacity Planning, the Finishing Schedule, Finite Scheduling.
·         Supporting The Strategies --How Master Scheduling Supports Finish-To-Order, Build-To-Order, Make-To-Order, Make-To-Stock, DRP, and Capacity Only Master Scheduling.
·         The Master Schedulers' Job --What Do They Do and What Do They Need?
·         Making Master Scheduling Work --Starting Over or Starting From Scratch.  Using the Master Scheduling Effectiveness Checklist.
This book -- simple, easy-to-understand, up-to-date -- speaks to the needs of both experienced professionals as well as people new to this field and this process. 
It is an important addition to the personal libraries of practitioners and professionals in the world of Logistics, Demand Management, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.