Sales Forecasting: A New Approach

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Book:Sales Forecasting: A New Approach

Author: Thomas F. Wallace, Robert A. Stahl

Version: 2002

One of the most challenging and thankless tasks in industry is sales forecasting.  Often a major source of friction between Sales & Marketing on the one hand and Operations on the other, sales forecasts are often a bone of contention but are rarely improved.
This book represents a new -- some may say radical -- approach to sales forecasting.
Tom Wallace and Bob Stahl explain how:
Forecasting less, not more, can yield higher customer service and lower inventories
Teamwork, good communications, and clear accountabilities are more important than complex statistical forecasting models
Sales forecasting is a process, and as such can be improved using standard techniques for process improvement
It's more beneficial to pursue process improvement than to focus narrowly on forecast accuracy
This is an exciting, breakthrough approach to a traditionally difficult and frustrating task.  It can result in better results with less work and more fun.