CPIM Part 1

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Module 1:Basics of Supply Chain Management


Explore the basic concepts in managing the flow of materials in a supply chain. In the Basics, you get a complete overview of material flow, from internal and external suppliers to and from your organization. Explain all activities of functions in the Supply Chain, from supplier to customer.


★ General overview of supply chain management
★ Transfer knowledge of supply chain management processes
★ Build up common management language
★ Lay a solid foundation for other CPIM modules


★ Section A: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
★ Section B: Demand Management
★ Section C: Master Planning
★ Section D: Material Requirements Planning
★ Section E: Capacity Management
★ Section F: Purchasing
★ Section G: Inventory Management
★ Section H: Execution and Control
★ Section I: Physical Distribution
★ Section J: Continuous Improvement


4 days / 32 hours