The Executive S&OP Briefing: A Visual Introduction

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Book:The Executive S&OP Briefing: A Visual Introduction

Author: Thomas F. Wallace

Version: October 2008

Tom Wallace has developed this DVD to be an introduction to the Executive Group and others within the company. The topic is Sales & Operations Planning and, specifically, its top management component: Executive S&OP.
Tom developed this video based on four facts:
Executive S&OP has emerged as a near-indispensable process for top management in this era of increasingly demanding customers, high rates of change, severe cost pressures, global business, and supply chains that often extend half a world away with their attendant longer and more variable lead times.
Companies using this process well are experiencing significant in some cases, enormous benefits: superior customer service, reduced inventories, far better forward visibility, enhanced teamwork, improved communications, and an integration of financial planning and operational planning ?among others.
Top management is the key to Executive S&OP. It simply will not work well without them.
The hardest part of implementing the process successfully is to engage top management early, and keep them engaged throughout.
This last point engagement requires that they gain an understanding of Executive S&OP and what it takes to be successful with it. And that where this video plays a role. It explains clearly and concisely what it is, who does what and why, and how to make it work. Tom Wallace has taught Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) to thousands of executives and managers. Tom's deep knowledge of S&OP and his effective teaching style is captured in this DVD. Presented in three sessions, this DVD learning resource provides an excellent overview of Sales & Operations Planning in a seminar setting.
Three sessions comprise this DVD:
PART 1: Introduction
 What It Is / Where It Fits / Financial Integration / Role of Top Management
 (running time: 23 minutes)
PART 2: Benefits & Process
 Benefits / Process for Decision Making / Support for Global Businesses
 (running time: 26 minutes)
PART 3: How to Make It Work
 (running time: 20 minutes)
This DVD is ideal for introducing Executive S&OP to a company executive team, to groups of operating level managers, and others who will be involved in the process. It also lends itself well to individual learning
How to Use This DVD
1. For Initial Input to Top Management - Frequently members of the Executive Team have had little or no exposure to Sales & Operations Planning, specifically that element of it called Executive S&OP. Part 1 of this video can provide an excellent introduction to the topic in less than half an hour. Then, if the viewers have interest in learning more about the process, they can go on the Parts 2 and 3.
2. To Help Educate Others Involved With Executive S&OP - The material on this DVD can complement live education sessions and readings.  It can best be used in group setting
3. For Individual Learning - Put the DVD into your computer and start watching. If you have a laptop with reasonable battery life, you can easily view the entire DVD on a two-hour plane ride