Sales and Operations Planning: The Self Audit workbook

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Book:Sales and Operations Planning: The Self Audit workbook

Author: Thomas F. Wallace, Robert A. Stahl

Version: November 2005

Contains checklists and principles for:

·       Executive S&OP
·       Sales Forecasting
·       Master Scheduling

Today's world is one of increasing demand volatility, greater complexity and rapid rates of change.  These factors call for highly effective, robust processes to manage supply chains that can extend to half a world away.Sales & Operations Planning: The Self-Audit Workbook can enable you to: 

·       Assess your current processes for balancing demand and supply across your entire supply chain.
·       Gain consensus on the most important areas for improvement, and generate enthusiasm and energy for those improvements.
·       Manage the improvement tasks effectively - by showing assignments and target completion dates, thereby facilitating follow-up.

The checklist items are based on key principles, which are fundamental to the issues at hand. These principles are included in individual lists - one each for Executive S&OP, Forecasting, and Master Scheduling.Also included is an important appendix - one that focuses on raising and resolving conflict.This workbook includes a CD with Excel files for each of the three checklists in a format designed to:

·       Be projected on a screen so the entire group can see the items as they are addressed
·       Provide easy calculation of average scores
·       Facilitate the assignment of responsibilities and target dates
·       To take full advantage of the files on this CD, you will need to have working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.